Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

The Bender Law Group specializes in the areas of accidents and personal injury. Please see the complete list in the pull down menu for some examples of our areas of expertise. Click the link to get more information about each. If you were injured in an accident, or have been befallen by some type of personal injury call us today!

Also, take the time to review some of our recent case settlements by clicking HERE. We are sure that you will find us to responsive and empathetic to your needs.

When to Contact Us

A representative of The Bender Law Group will be happy to speak with you about your legal options and advise you as to the merits and likelihood of success of your potential case entirely without charge. We will be happy to visit you at your home or hospital if needed.

All legal claims have applicable statutes of limitations, which are created by New York law and set the time in which you have to file your claims. Some time limits in motor vehicle accidents are as short as thirty days from the date of your accident. Cases against cities and municipal agencies require a Notice of Claim within 90 days. Please contact us promptly for your free initial consultation to ensure that your legal rights are preserved.

In order for The Bender Law Group to provide you with the most thorough initial consultation possible, try to save and write down all information pertinent to your case, including:

  • Date and time of your accident
  • Name(s) of all person(s) and/or companies involved
  • Location of your accident, including relevant addresses, cross streets and/or floor/room numbers
  • Photographs
  • Accident reports
  • Medical diagnoses made of your injuries, names and addresses of doctors and hospitals and therapists
  • Medical care, including surgeries and physical therapy
  • Hospital and medical records

Having this and any other relevant information readily available during your consultation will enable us to provide you with the most complete case assessment possible.

To speak with someone immediately or to schedule an appointment for your consultation, call us on the telephone at (718) 777-1777 during normal business hours, or 516-317-8319 at other times.

Contact  us with your name, contact information and a brief summary of your case through our online FORM, and someone will respond to you promptly.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you during this difficult time in your life, and look forward to representing you throughout your case.