Slip / Trip and Fall

Your slip and fall accident may have been caused by snow, ice, oil, wax, soapy water, or any number of foreign substances coating the floor or ground on which you were walking. You may have been caused to slip and fall by the failure of a landowner or tenant or general contractor to use safe, non-slip surfaces during the construction of a staircase, entranceway or other walking surface. Whatever slippery surface or substance caused you to fall, the law firm of The Bender Law Group will advise you as to the law that applies to your case, and will work diligently on your behalf to obtain just compensation for your injuries.

Trip and Fall Accident Attorneys

Trip and fall accidents may happen anywhere, and may happen under a variety of circumstances. Some trip and fall accidents are caused by holes and cracks in sidewalks or curbs, or dirt and debris. Some trip and fall accidents are caused by defective stairways, or by the lack of staircase handrails or other violations of the various rules and regulations of the City and State of New York. No matter what caused you to trip and fall, The Bender Law Group has had practical experience handling similar cases, and has the knowledge of the law applicable to your case. As professional advocates, The Bender Law Group will fight on your behalf to ensure that you obtain the most compensation for your injuries that you are entitled to under the law. Our lawyers will promptly arrange for an expert to inspect, photograph and document your accident site to preserve the evidence. The Bender Law Group will file required notices and claims in a timely manner, such as a Notice of Claim to “The City of New York”, which must be filed within 90 days of your accident.

Sample Settlement in this Area

We settled a case for a woman who fell on the sidewalk as a result of a crack. She broke her arm and later had back surgery. We recovered $750,000.