Workplace Injuries On The Job

 Construction Site Accident Attorneys

 Construction workers are injured more often than almost anybody else in   our society, due to the dangerous nature of their work. Many laws and   rules such as the New York Industrial Code, OSHA, and New York Labor   Law Sections 240 and 241 and 200 govern the operation of construction   sites and determine whether a construction worker has a valid case     against  a property owner or another contractor.

 Certain aspects of this area of law are so convoluted that some judges don’t   even understand it! Many law firms handling Workers Compensation   cases  don’t ever practice in this area, and never bring cases for workers   hurt in construction accidents. But throughout the decades of our   experience, Argyropoulos & Bender has developed the ability to analyze   your case and represent you for these injuries and accidents.

Sample Settlement in this Area

In a case, a construction worker client received $787,000 after he fractured his ankle while working at a construction site. A large pipe fell because it was not properly secured on a lift and hit his ankle. He had surgery with the insertion of a plate and screws and, instead of continuing to work as a plumber, went into the medical profession as a radiology technician after the accident.