November 29, 2019 In Work Injuries

Work Injuries


Our client, a roofer who fell from the roof of a school, broke his leg and injured his knee. He had arthroscopic surgery on his knee and claimed he was unable to continue working as a roofer. We were able to recover $1,100,000 for him even though we could only prove that he worked as a roofer for a short time before the accident and his fractured leg had healed well.

CASE 2 :

Our client was injured when he fell from a ladder while doing plumbing work. He had arthroscopic surgery to his knee and a few years later had surgery to his back. We were able to collect $875,000 for him.

CASE 3 :

A jury awarded our client a verdict of $925,000 for a thumb injury which occurred when she quickly pulled her hand out of an oven while she was attempting to light the oven with a match and a flashback occurred. She had previously complained to the owner of the apartment she rented that the stove was not working and that she had to use matches to light the oven because the automatic lighting feature was broken. She was diagnosed with a torn ligament in her thumb and underwent surgery to repair it. She claimed at trial that she suffers from arthritis in her thumb as a result.


A construction worker client received $787,000 after he fractured his ankle while working at a construction site. A large pipe fell because it was not properly secured on a lift and hit his ankle. He had surgery with the insertion of a plate and screws and, instead of continuing to work as a plumber, went into the medical profession as a radiology technician after the accident.

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